June 2014 Adoption Today Magazine's Attachment & Trauma Issue, "Who Says that Consequences Don't Work?"

Lately, I’ve been hearing from parents that “consequences don’t work”. That may be partly true. What I will say is that consequences alone don’t work. Just as cereal is only part of a balanced breakfast, consequences are only part of a total healing program for your child. Other parts should include attachment and trauma therapy, and may also include neurofeedback, psychotropic medication, and elimination of foods and dyes which your child may be sensitive to.

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A Family Approach to Child Therapy

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Family Therapy is psychotherapy in which the parent(s) and child are working together with the therapist. This is different than conventional child centered therapy, where the child works with the therapist alone. One way to look at this difference is to imagine that the family is a baseball team, and the child is the only player who gets sent to spring training to improve his skills. That leaves the other family members playing the game with their old skills which they learned on the playground. But if they all go to spring training together, they will all learn new skills and learn to function better as a team. (click here for more)


Child Maltreatment Journal Letter to the Editor (.pdf)

Although we acknowledge and respect the Task Force’s expertise in the area of child maltreatment, we wonder how many Task Force members have spe- cific experience working with adoptive children and families. Attach-China/International Parents Network was formed precisely because so many parents of internationally adopted children were having diffi- culty in finding professionals who could provide the proper treatment for their children’s problems. (click here for more)




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