Attachment Focused Individual & Family Therapy

Are you an adult who was adopted as a child, or who experienced abuse or neglect?

Are you having problems parenting a difficult child?

Is your child struggling with emotional or behavioral problems at home or in school?

Is your child adopted?

Do you have a child who:

I will help you change your child's behavior by focusing on the feelings behind the behavior. I offer Attachment Focused Family Psychotherapy: counseling for the parent and child together, and parent coaching.

I will help you build a loving relationship with your child based on trust and mutual respect, which will last from infancy into adulthood.


“I chose to work with Lynne because I knew she would sit down and listen to me, and then give me parenting solutions I could take home and use.”
~ Mrs. W, long-time client


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Lynne Lyon is an experienced psychotherapist and educator in Lawrenceville/Princeton, NJ, who is internationally known for her advocacy for children and families.




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